Monday, November 5

So Blessed

Our daughter's baptism was this weekend which made for a wonderful weekend full of food, family and FUN.  Yes, FUN, however tired we may feel today!  The time change threw an extra twist into our weekend since my toddler's internal clock is still set to wake up at 6am (which means he's now waking at 5am).  So, we haven't had much sleep for the past few days.  Uhh, maybe more like the past few years.

Part of my sleep deprivation came from trying to cook for the baptism to make it completely allergy-friendly for my son.  I tried my hardest to make a completely allergy-friendly menu for him, but I still haven't mastered it.  I need to find and try a few more crowd-pleasing dishes that I can make that are also safe for him.

Below was our menu.  The things my son couldn't eat were the wraps, mozzarella tomato pasta salad, rolls for the ham, and also shrimp cocktail (I forgot to list on the chalkboard).  Everyone loved the vanilla cake we got from Sweetness Allergy-Friendly Bakery.  Very moist and delicious, and of course, everyone was surprised it was gluten, egg and dairy free!
Two things I'd like to do over for the food:
  1. I ALWAYS forget to take a photo of the food spread because it's always so crazy in the house around that time.  Maybe next get together I'll remember!
  2. I actually was going to make this quinoa sweet potato salad, but didn't cook the quinoa correctly at 10pm the night before and gave up!  So, my husband bought the pasta salad at Wegmans the next morning. Oh well.
The ironic part is that my son slept through most of the party (unbelievable as he hardly naps now). When he woke up he didn't even really care about the food.  So, such is life.  I figure it's still good practice for me to try to entertain in an allergy-friendly way.

As groggy and sleep deprived as I feel, and as upset as I get thinking about his allergies sometimes, I still try to remind myself of all of the blessings we have.  I try to thank God every day as we are blessed. I'm especially blessed to have these two little lovebugs in my life!

I'm counting my blessings tonight.  I hope you're doing the same :)


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