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I used the term “allergy-friendly” instead of “allergy-free” on this blog.  I feel like NO foods are allergy-free since there are so many diverse food allergies that exist.  I’m also frequently tricked by “allergy-free” recipes that actually include my son’s allergen in them.  So, allergy-friendly is my term for foods that are safe for my son’s specific allergens.

Some of the most helpful resources that I've used for food allergies include:

Kids with Food Allergies (KFA)

I’m part of two groups of local moms, through the KFA organization, who meet every now and then to learn more and discuss food allergies.  It’s a great network, and I gather a lot of information not only from our email and Facebook groups, but also from the speakers we have at our meetings (allergists, child psychology experts, allergy-friendly bakery owners, etc.).  They also provide a “library” of food allergy books that I’ve found to be useful.

KFA also has a great recipe database for members, and a lot of useful information on their website.

KFA: Questions to Ask About Allergens When Calling a Manufacturer

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

FARE Label Reading Sheets
FARE is a great resource, and seems to be the largest (and top funded) group for food allergies.  I found these label reading sheets especially helpful when first learning about food allergies and grocery shopping for Little Guy

FARE Chef Cards
These are the “chef cards” I use when we go out to eat with Little Guy.  You just print them out and write in your food allergies.  I find them especially helpful since Little Guy deals with multiple allergies.  I also feel like it helps the restaurant staff take his allergies seriously.  Multiple servers and managers have thanked me for the card, because it helps her explain it to the kitchen staff and keep them focused on keeping his meal safe.  The chef cards are listed on this FARE page: 

Anaphylaxis Wallet Cards

Potential Food Allergens in Medications


I found the KellyMom website to be especially helpful when I noticed various symptoms with my son when he was 3-4 months old.  This website is very helpful for nursing moms in general, but it also has great information if you suspect a food allergy or sensitivity while nursing. 

The Food Allergy Book
This is a free resource from the National Education Association Health Information Network.  Looks like it would be very useful for school-age children with food allergies.

Nick News: Allergic to My World
This video is a little difficult for me to watch, but it's interesting to hear how older children think about and deal with their food allergies.

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy

9 Things About Food Allergy You Might Not Know

Lessons from a Teen Food Allergy Tragedy
As much as this article saddens me, it includes clear information about the use of epinephrine from an allergist. It's an article that I've read a few times to remind myself how and when I should use it. I also wrote down a few new questions for my allergist after reading this article.

How to Go Vegan
This is a great article from the NY Times about how to go vegan. My son eats an "almost vegan" diet because he is allergic to eggs and dairy (But meat is still an important part of his diet right now). I like how this article suggests substitutions for eggs and dairy.  I also like how it acknowledges that the substitutions don't always taste like the "real thing" but offer a good taste of their own!

Resources for School

Educational Video for Elementary Students - 4.5 minutes long:

6 Steps to Creating a 504 Plan:

Sample 504 Plan: 

Wonderful List of 504 Links and Resources:

Food Allergy Tools for Schools:

Saving Lives at School

How a child might describe a reaction:

Food Allergens in School Activities:

What it's like to be a Food Allergy Mom

Resources from Food Allergy Awareness Week 2013

Traveling with food allergies. How we did it:  h

My post about Little Guy's food allergy blood test or RAST test:


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