Sunday, September 27, 2015

6 Allergy-Friendly School Lunch Ideas and Giveaway

As a mama of a child with multiple food allergies, I find school lunches to be stressful. Little Guy can't buy lunch at school since he has allergies to dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame. So, we pack lunch 5 days a week, every week.

This year, I knew kindergarten would be a whole new "ball game". I was stressed that I had to pack allergy-friendly school lunches that no one would reheat for him. It's doubly difficult since Little Guy has become somewhat PICKY.

I know, I know, he used to be my Brussels sprouts eating toddler. But things have changed. I can't really blame him. He hasn't had the chance to explore as many new foods as other kids. But I'm determined to get creative and keep trying new ideas. 

So far, I've found a bit of lunch success in:
  1. Buying lunch supplies to help me get creative with allergy-friendly lunches. Things like these EasyLunchboxes (part of a fun GIVEAWAY you can enter below!), colorful silicone cupcake holders and character thermos have helped me brainstorm new lunch ideas.
  2. Realizing he'll eat (and likes!) cold food. For example, he'll eat pizza cold!
  3. Getting somewhat cute with his lunches. I know a few awesome mamas who make their child's lunch SO cute every day. I'm always amazed at their talent! However, I know with a full time job and 2 kiddos, I'm not going to make lunches as art projects every day. BUT I can make them just a little cute in a short amount of time. Cookie cutters and fun tools like Pick-Ease have helped me do this easily! (also part of this fun GIVEAWAY!)
In case you need a little lunch inspiration (I know I still like new ideas!) I thought I'd share 6 of our favorite allergy-friendly school lunches.

1. Nitrate free turkey, spinach and Earth Balance mayo sandwich (Don't judge me on the white bread, Little Guy is slowly accepting wheat bread more and more. If you ever told me I'd have a kid who eats white bread I'd call you crazy ;). Carrots, honeydew, pretzels and SunButter dip too!

2. Chicken salad sandwich made with Earth Balance mayo (we also love mayo-free avocado chicken salad), apple slices to dip in the Don't Go Nuts single dips. SkinnyPop popcorn mixed with SuperSeedz cinnamon pumpkin seeds. The awesome SoDelicious dairy free chocolate coconut milk on the side!

3. Nitrate free bacon (yes, Little Guy likes it cold!), vegan banana muffin, cantaloupe and half a banana (kept it in it's peel to stay fresh).

4. Nitrate free turkey rolled up on the Pick-Ease picks, cantaloupe, SoDelicious coconut yogurt, Ozery Bakery cinnamon raisin bread and juice box (although juice is high in sugar, we do 100% juice boxes occasionally!).

5. Dairy-free pizza (made with Daiya cheese), cantaloupe, peppers, carrots, homemade nut free granola bar (recipe here), and SoDelicious Chocolate Coconut Milk.

6. Spaghetti and egg-free Italian meatballs (made with hidden broccoli!) (recipe here), frozen peas and corn (he likes them cold!), applesauce and apple chips.

Here are some of the fun lunchbox supplies I'm currently using to make school lunches easy and fun!



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  • One EasyLunchbox container set
  • One Easy Lunchbox lunch bag (winner can choose color)
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I received the awesome Pick-Ease Play Pack and EasyLunchboxes cooler bag and small containers to review for this post. Thank you to Pick-Ease and Easy Lunchboxes! All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Teaching Others About Food Allergies

I hope you'll check out my guest post, Teaching Others About Food Allergies, on a great blog called My Plant-Based Family. I met the sweet and smart author of the blog, Holly, at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference last year. I've been loving her allergy-friendly recipes ever since!

Hope you find the post useful and helpful in your food allergy journey! You can find the post HERE.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Getting Organized with My Food Allergy Binder (TM)

My Food Allergy Binder

I'm excited to tell you about a new product perfect for busy food allergy parents like you and me. Safe & Happy Family graciously sent me their new Food Allergy Binder (TM) to try out. It's an especially helpful tool to keep you organized this time of year. You know, for those back-to-school meetings with teachers and any other new caregivers.  

I REALLY wish I had this binder when Little Guy was first diagnosed with his food allergies 5 years ago. It would have helped keep me organized and store all of his food allergy medical history and notes (like new foods we introduced, etc.) in one place.

Can I show you how this beautiful red binder can make your (and my) life easier?  

Take a look at my current way of organizing in the below photo, On the left, you see lots of messy folders and a zip-lock bag full of old EpiPens and trainers.  

Then take a look at the beautiful, eye-catching and organized red binder on the right! Everything fits in this ONE red binder...and there's room to grow!My Food Allergy Binder

Here's what I love about this Food Allergy Binder (TM):
  • It includes quotes throughout the binder from real food allergy community members and experts. The quotes offer helpful tips and inspirational content.
  • It's especially perfect for a person just diagnosed with food allergies. I wish I had this 5 years ago!
  • This binder would be helpful for baby sitters, child care workers in your home or family members who watch the kids every now and then.   
  • It offers ONE place to view your child's full food allergy history. I recently went through an old notebook and found Little Guy's old menu ideas and a food diary I kept for awhile. History like this is important. It should be kept all in one place.
  • The red color of the binder is eye-catching. It's very easy to spot in a messy drawer or a busy bookshelf. 
  • The binder is expandable. It will easily hold a TON of information.
  • I love the black bag included in the binder to hold old EpiPens, trainers, food allergy bracelets, business cards, or other food allergy related items you want to keep together.

Isn't this better than a messy zip-lock bag for Little Guy's expired EpiPens and trainers?  I keep these together so I can use them every time I meet with a new teacher or caregiver.
Getting Organized with Food Allergies

There are also so many helpful sections in this Food Allergy Binder (TM). For instance, there's a place for your emergency action plan, but there's also additional content to educate you about food allergies.

My Food Allergy Binder

I highly recommend this binder if you're just starting your food allergy journey, or if you need to keep your food allergy documents organized!

How do you keep yourself organized with food allergies? 

Thank you to Safe & Happy Family for sending me this Food Allergy Binder(TM) to review! All opinions are my own.

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