Tuesday, September 5

Chocolate Banana Cream SunButter Trifle Recipe

I'm so excited to share a new dessert recipe with you today made with some of our favorite allergy-friendly ingredients! This Chocolate Banana Cream SunButter Trifle is so EASY to make and it's really a fun twist on the usual dessert options. Head on over to the SunButter blog for this DELICIOUS recipe!

Also, thanks to SunButter for partnering with me on this post. We truly depend on and use SunButter daily in our house, and I love bringing you new ideas for fun allergy friendly eating!

Friday, June 30

My Confession of the Day and Groupon Coupons!

I have a confession to make. I've NEVER used Groupon Coupons before today. Crazy, right? I'm not a big online bargain shopper (although I do like a good bargain!). However, after today, I'm sold! 

Groupon send me some deals to share with all of you. I wanted to try it out before I shared, and wow, I saved some money today on Amazon! I ended up saving $11 in shipping on 6 jars of SunButter.  

WOW! And you KNOW how much we LOVE our nut free SunButter!!

Plus, the Sunbutter was cheaper than I can find it in stores...about $5.90 per jar instead of the $6.50 - $8 per jar cost in store. 

So, if you're a Groupon lover OR if you've never tried it before, then try it out today! You know how expensive allergy friendly food is....why not find out if your favorite brand is cheaper online (especially with free shipping!).

Here's how it worked....

When you go to Groupon Coupons for Amazon, you'll see all the Amazon deals.  I chose this one!

I clicked on "see sale" and it was activated! 

Then, you can see when I chose my jars of SunButter, it gave me the FREE Shipping qualification - YAY!

I can't wait until our 6 jars of SunButter arrive! Yay for Groupon Coupons! What do you usually order on Amazon? Or what would you order with these coupons?

Thanks to Groupon for sponsoring this post. Sponsored posts help pay to keep this blog running!
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