Monday, September 3

5 New Nut Free School Lunch Ideas

Happy new school year my friends! I can't believe school is starting already, can you? Summer flew by for us. With a new baby (now 5 months old), going back to work, and just living life, I feel like summer totally got away from me! Well, with a new school year, comes a fresh opportunity to get creative with allergy-friendly school lunches! I named this post "Nut Free School Lunches", but really, they're dairy free, egg free, sesame free and of course tree nut free and peanut free -- all of Little Guy's allergens.

AND there's a fun theme to this lunch post, they're not only nut free and allergy-friendly, but they all include SunButter On the Go Single Cups.

If you've read this blog before, you know we truly eat SunButter every day in our family. We appreciate it as a safe and easy form of protein!

I find the SunButter On the Go Single Cups VERY useful for snacks and school lunches. They're easy to pop in a bag and GO (and when you have 3 kids, that's just what you need).

Here are our fun 5 New Nut Free School Lunch Ideas.

Thanks so much to SunButter for sponsoring this lunch post!

This is "snacky" lunch box, filled with fruit, veggies, protein (dairy free cheese and SunButter), and a little fun with the blueberry muffins. The muffins came right out of the freezer. All I had to do with put everything in the box before school!

We LOVE breakfast for lunch. Every time I make pancakes, I quadruple the recipe so I have extras to freeze. For school lunches I pop a few small pancakes out of the freezer, and microwave the bacon. My kids don't mind eating bacon OR pancakes cold! In the past I've also warmed up the pancakes slightly and wrapped them in foil. 

Tip - if you pack gluten free pancakes, they usually need to be warmed before eating since they get a little dry.
5 Nut Free School Lunches

I just cut up some toasted waffles into strips. They're great to dip in the SunButter with some apples. I also usually put the sausage in a thermos to keep it warm, but it was hard to see in the photo! I also sometimes send a little maple syrup as a treat!
Peanut Free School Lunch

There are SO many hot lunch options you can send in a thermos like mac and cheese, chili, soup, etc.. Little Guy loves spaghetti and meatballs. Round it out with salad, and you have a good meal. I also like to send a little something sweet sometimes, and pictured here is a safe granola bar free of all his allergens, to dip in the SunButter...with a few chocolate chips of course!

Tip: Fill the thermos with hot water for a minute, then put in the hot food to keep it warm until lunch.
5 Nut Free School Lunches

And finally, I had to feature my favorite chicken salad in this lunch post. I've been obsessed with it all summer. As a nursing mama, I get VERY hungry, and this is a really healthy and easy form of protein. I make a big batch almost every week by boiling organic chicken, chopping in in the food processor, and mixing it with Veganaise, celery, onions and spices like thyme, parsley and sea salt. Perfect.

This is a colorful lunch with a good mix of protein, fruit, veggies, and a little sweet with graham crackers to dip in SunButter!

Peanut Free School Lunch

I hope this post helps you think "outside the sandwich" a little bit and inspires fun peanut-free and allergy-friendly lunches for school!

What's your favorite nut free lunch to pack and eat!?

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Monday, June 4

Our New Fun Summer Snack with SunButter

Thanks to SunButter for sponsoring this post! 

I discovered a fun "trick" recently using SunButter On the Go Single Cups. If you've read this blog before, you KNOW how much we love and appreciate SunButter. It's one of our go-to sources of protein since Little Guy is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and sesame. So what's the trick?

Check it out below! 
nut free snacks

The new SunButter On the Go Single Cups are perfectly sized to be used as mason jar tops.

SO cool, right!?

All you have to do is:

1. Fill the mason jars with your favorite SunButter dipping snack.
nut free kid snacks

2. Put the SunButter On the Go Single Cup on top of the snack filled mason jar.
SunButter on the Go Single Cups

3. Screw on the mason jar outer lid (without the middle of the lid, since the SunButter covers the top perfectly!).
SunButter on the Go Single Cups

And voila! You have the perfect, portable and allergy-friendly snack!

We filled one mason jar with apples, one with pretzels and a few chocolate chips, and one with carrots and celery sticks.

I'd say that's a pretty well-balanced snack for the kiddos (or even adults!).
nut free snacks

I'm so excited that we now have this fun way to take along our allergy-friendly snacks and SunButter On the Go Single Cups on summer excursions. 

Little Gal is excited too!
SunButter on the Go Single Cups

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