Sunday, June 24

MOMPOPS: Gourmet and allergy-friendly popsicles

I just wanted to share a fun treat at our local farmer’s market.  They’re called MomPops, and they’re frozen gourmet popsicles made out of wonderful, wholesome ingredients.  They taste more like ice cream pops since they’re so creamy, but they are free of all the 8 major allergens.  I was SO excited to see these at our farmer’s market, and my son enjoyed his yummy kid-size strawberry MomPop for only $1. 

The friendly people at MomPops also let me try their new mint chocolate chip flavor for free.  All I can say is….mmmmm… was so creamy, and there were a bunch of mini-chocolate chips throughout the popsicle.  My son tried this flavor and really liked it too.

I would buy this treat for my son even if he didn't have allergies since it’s rather healthy with no-sugar added and made from whole ingredients. These are especially wonderful since they’re allergy-friendly, and locally made. Three cheers for MomPops!!

 The friendly MomPops team at our farmer's market.

Wholesome ingredients with no sugar added.

My son LOVED his strawberry kid-sized popsicle....for only $1!


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