Tuesday, June 26

Dinner Out: Marly's BYO

We had a wonderful dinner out with family recently at a restaurant called Marly’s.  It’s a BYO and had a great menu that includes many fresh and healthy ingredients.  I always worry about ordering something for my son when we try new places, but Marly’s was very accommodating and provided him with a chicken and veggies meal.  Here’s how we made this a successful allergy-friendly meal for my 2 year old:

 PREVIEW: I looked at the menu to see what kind of food they might be able to offer my son.  Nothing on the menu looked safe for him of course, but I at least had an idea of the type of food that might be available to him.

CALL:  I called around lunchtime on the day we were going to eat there.  I spoke with the manager, and she assured me that the kitchen staff has experience dealing with food allergies.

TOUCH BASE:  When we arrived, I spoke with the manager (different one).  Usually I give them the chef's card at this point, but of course I forgot them!  Instead I just wrote down all of his allergies on a paper, and made my own card!

ORDER WITH CHEF'S CARD: I spoke with the waitress when ordering and handed her the paper – she was already fully aware of his allergies as the manager had already informed her (*a good sign).

I wish I would have taken a photo of my son’s meal, but he was so hungry by the time that it got there (and getting a bit antsy) that I just started to cut it up to cool it off.  Two year olds and late dinners do not mix!  However, I brought lots of healthy snacks (blueberries and grape tomatoes before the meal, and oat muffins and a lollipop after) along that he munched on before the meal, and we played videos on a phone – always helpful at restaurants.  I never understood why parents did this in restaurants, but now I see why it’s helpful!

He enjoyed his chicken and green beans, and we enjoyed our meals also.  Here are a few photos of other meals at Marley’s (NOT allergy-friendly meals), but SO tasty.

Here's a little more about these meals and other restaurants we've recently tried: Restaurant Reviews.


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