Friday, April 27

About Me and About This Blog

I’m a mama of one cute little lovebug, with another lovebug on the way!  My husband and I live with our lovebugs in the greater Philadelphia area and we both work full-time. This makes for quite a busy life, and leaves little time for cooking healthy foods for my family.  We also have to spend a little more time thinking about the foods we’ll eat because my first little lovebug has food allergies to peanut, dairy, wheat and egg.  We hope he’ll grow out of them soon, but in the meantime we’re trying our best to avoid those allergens and create a healthy and balanced diet and life for him too.

Our busy schedules and his food allergies make me even more determined to live a healthy and balanced life, and provide wonderful food for my family.  I’ve always loved all things healthy.  Why?  Because it makes me feel good!  I feel better when I eat healthy and whole foods, when I have time to exercise or do fun things outdoors, and also when I have time to relax my body and mind.  To me, this is the pinnacle of balance.

I created this blog for a few of reasons including:
·         I’d like to connect with the healthy living and food allergy community in a more powerful way.  I get great ideas from reading a number of healthy eating and food allergy blogs, and I’d like to share some of my own ideas and favorite things with others.

·         I’d like to have one place to store all of my most successful recipes.  Especially those which are “allergy-friendly” for our lovebug!  I’m no foodie, but I’m constantly on the lookout for tasty and allergy-friendly recipes that everyone will love.  This blog is my place to organize and showcase them.

·         I haven’t found a great place for toddler-friendly and allergy-friendly* foods and I frequently look for new food ideas for my toddler.  So I’m hoping this will be a great place to share some ideas (including hearing new ideas from others)!

·         I hope this blog will be an outlet for some unbridled creativity that’s been brewing inside of me!  I’d appreciate an outlet to create:  Create content, create food and hopefully create a positive space in the world.

*Note – I used the term “allergy-friendly” instead of “allergy-free”.  I feel like NO foods are allergy-free since there are so many diverse food allergies that exist.  I’m also frequently tricked by “allergy-free” recipes that actually include my son’s allergen in them.  So, allergy-friendly is my term for foods that are allergy-friendly for my son’s specific allergens.


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