Friday, April 27

Mamacado Food

Healthy, wholesome yet basic food that’s:  Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free and Peanut-free

I’m not a foodie, chef or creative cooker.  Just a mom trying to feed her family healthy, wholesome and safe foods.  “Safe” for us right now means no wheat, egg, dairy or peanuts for lovebug #1.  My husband and I do eat those foods, but keep them safely stored where lovebug #1 cannot access them.  We actually keep no peanut-related products in our house since peanut butter is messy and difficult to clean off dishes (and since I’m happy with a Sunbutter substitute).

I like to keep it basic.  I’m a working mom who needs quick and easy foods that please all of our palates (which right now includes a toddler-palate)!  Basic recipes and food are my saving grace.  However, I enjoy getting creative and eating tasty food too!


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