Thursday, January 26

Valentine's Lollipops Giveaway and Free Printable Valentines!

organic lollipops

Every year around Valentine's Day, I walk down store aisles stuffed with pink and red candy, hoping to find something safe, new and fun for my Little Guy with food allergies. But every year I'm disappointed at the variety of choices for him since he's allergic to dairy, eggs, sesame, tree nuts and peanuts. 

I would still like to be able to give my Little Guy a unique and fun treat to celebrate this day of love. I know he would also love to give something new and fun to his friends - so everyone can enjoy the same treat.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about allergy friendly TruJoy Sweets Organic Lollipops. Can you believe that they are nutfree, glutenfree, dairyfree, eggfree, soyfree and wheatfree? 

TruJoy Lollipops Hearts

I know my food allergy friends and parents will want to know all the details about the ingredients on the label and the manufacturing practices, so here you go:

*Ingredients as of January 2017: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Cherry Flavor, Color Added (Organic Fruit Juice).

*Allergen statement as of January 2017: Produced on dedicated nut-free and gluten-free equipment in a segregated area of a facility that also processes dairy, eggs, soy and wheat.

Also, I asked TruJoy Sweets directly about the allergen statement since it could be confusing to some, and they confirmed that the lollipops are made on dedicated equipment free of nuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and soy.

*If you live with food allergies, you know that manufacturing practices and labels may change over time for any company, so always be sure to check every label and call the company if you have any questions.

Allergy Friendly Valentine's Candy

Have you seen these awesome allergy-friendly lollipops in stores yet? I've seen them in our local Wegmans and Whole Foods. They're of course also available to buy online.

Other than just EAT these lollipops all yourself (YUM), you can also use them to make homemade Valentines for school and friends. I made free printable Valentines sheets in case you'd like to try! 

Just print them out and have fun pasting them on sparkly paper (I got this paper at Walmart). You could decorate them with even more hearts and sparkles if you'd like. Just don't forget that lollipop!

organic dye free lollipops

I of course HAD to try one, and I have to say, they're a perfectly wonderful sweet cherry flavor. I know my kiddos and their friends will love them. I also feel good knowing these lollipops DON'T contain artificial flavors or ingredients that we can't even read. 

Ready to try them out for yourself? 

Please enter this giveaway today - 2 lucky winners will get one bag of 30 lollipops!  

I hope you have a fun, safe and loving Valentine's Day!

Thank you to TruJoy for sponsoring this post. We appreciate allergy friendly companies like TruJoy who make quality products that are safe for our family!


Hannah said...

Great Giveaway! I would totally use these lollipops for my kid's valentines for their friends!

Angela Saver said...

I would let my kids eat the lollipops!

cl said...

Never seen these before. I would take some for myself and give the others away with a nice card and some chocolate.

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