Monday, October 13

Easy Birthday Cake Decoration: Sprinkle Numbers (No Cookie Cutter Needed)

If you make your own birthday cakes like I do, you're probably always looking for fun ways to decorate your cakes. It would be much easier to just buy a birthday cake from our local bakery or store. But as you know, Little Guy has food allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts and sesame, so we do our own baking.

So, what's a mama to do when she needs a fun and festive birthday cake topper for her Little Gal's second birthday?

Add on a sprinkle number topper in less than 5 minutes flat! 

I love this decoration because it's a little different than the usual #2 birthday candle. You only need a few supplies that you probably already have in your kitchen:
  • Sprinkles (I used Cake Mate Rainbow Sprinkles (affiliate) since they contain soy only. However, please check labels for your own needs every time). 
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper
  • Pencil
Here's how I did it. 

First tear off a piece of wax paper that will cover the whole top of your cake. This will protect the cake from rogue sprinkles falling on it.

Draw your number on the wax paper with a pencil and place the wax paper on a cutting board. 

Use one side of a sharp pair of scissors and cut out the number

Place the wax paper carefully on your cake.  Again, make sure it covers the whole thing so it's safe from falling sprinkles.

Carefully place and press sprinkles onto the icing. Fill up all those icing spots!

Remove the wax paper and you have your sprinkle cake topper!

Have you ever tried this fun decoration? What's your favorite easy way to decorate cakes other than candles?

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Diane said...

Loved it and the cake was really good too!

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