Monday, November 19

Early Thanksgiving Celebration

I hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend before the big Tday. I should have been cleaning my house, food shopping, and maybe even cooking this weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving at our house, but instead we went on a trip!  

Food allergy Thanksgiving recipes

We had a great time celebrating an early Thanksgiving with our extended family in Maryland and Delaware.  We spent one night at The Dunes Manor Hotel and enjoyed seeing the beach and hanging out at the hotel with family. We've been staying at The Dunes Manor since I was a wee little one, so it's now sort of a family tradition to meet there.  It's a quaint hotel that's located right at the end of the boardwalk, so it's a great location.  It also has fun things like tea, crumpets and cookies at 3pm every day - even right now during the off season.

At night we all went to Winterfest of Lights to get in the holiday spirit and do something festive with the kiddos. My son REALLY enjoyed the train ride that took us around a park decorated with beautiful Christmas light displays. He didn't want to sit on Santa's lap at the end of the ride, so we just waved and moved along.  For some reason he loves sitting on the Easter bunny's lap, but Santa is still a bit scary!

Here's a photo of my husband and son having a bunch of glorious fun at Winterfest.....

On Sunday we traveled to Delaware for the early Tday with about 20 of our family members.  It's always a fun group with lots of kids and craziness! As with every big event with lots of people and lots of food, I worry about my son eating something that's unsafe for him. I also worry about what he's going to eat - especially when we're traveling. 

Thankfully my cousin, the host, was very thoughtful and made an allergy-friendly turkey just with olive oil and spices. She also roasted butternut squash with olive oil that my son always enjoys. I'm always so thankful when friends and family members take time to even think about making food my son can eat.

Below is the spread of the amazing and yummy food we enjoyed. It always breaks my heart that he can't taste all this wonderful food, but thankfully he's more interested in playing right now than eating!

Food allergies Thanksgiving menu

Below is my son's plate. I added a banana muffin from home that I pulled out of the freezer for the trip.  He ate about 3 of these muffins over the course of the weekend.  It's one of my favorite recipes from the Sophie-Safe cookbook

Hope you enjoy this short week. I'm still trying to plan my allergy-friendly Thanksgiving menu.  What are YOU having for Tday?

PS - Here's a sleep update for my son after this post last week.  My husband has been home during bedtime more often, which has allowed me to spend more sitting next to my son's bed to sing or tell stories before he goes to sleep. I've found that if I stay in his room just a little longer until he gets REALLY sleepy, he doesn't run out.  I hope this is our solution to the running out problem!  


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