Monday, September 3

Miniature Golf Fun and Waiting for Baby

Happy Labor Day! I'm writing this post ahead of time in preparation for possible REAL labor on Labor Day.  Baby is due Sept 2, but we're not sure when she will actually come!

What do you do when you're waiting for baby to be born, want to do something fun with your toddler, but don't want to drive very far?  Well, you go miniature golfing of course!

We went miniature golfing with my son recently and he just LOVED it. He watches golf on TV with daddy sometimes and thought it was so cool to try it out (a little different than the golf they watch, but even more fun for a toddler!).

Here I am about 39 weeks preggers!

Daddy tried to teach him how to hold the club.

Looks like a natural!

My husband is a great golfer (and claims would be even better with more time to play and practice which makes sense!).  He was a caddy for all of his teenage years and loves the game so much.  I'm guessing my son will have the same love for it!

This is one of my favorite photos - going "oooh" just like daddy as a reaction to his putt!

If you have miniature golf near you, I definitely recommend taking your toddler at an "off" time so you have freedom to move around the course as slow or fast as possible. My son spent a lot of time just running up and down each "green", and especially loved running through a cave with a waterfall.  2 1/2 seems like a good age to take toddlers to a mini golf course.  Just make sure you don't stay TOO long.  An hour was about our max before it was time to go!

Have fun....I'll post baby news when it's time!!

PS - Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law!!


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