Sunday, June 17

Turkey burger with avocado, tomato and corn

Here's a meal idea that's great for families, mamas, toddlers and those with food allergies.  It's a simple meal to make after a long day of work!  

I keep turkey burgers in my fridge as a staple. Find them at any store in the freezer aisle or make your own and freeze them!  Cook the burgers in a pan with some olive oil, or grill them. Since these turkey burgers were unseasoned, and only made of one ingredient (turkey!) I added some oregano and basil to them when cooking on the stove.

Below is my toddler's plate.  He ate a whole turkey burger with corn and avocado and tomato mixed on the side

I didn't have any hamburger buns for myself, so I usually just use a half a slice of whole wheat bread as the "bun".  I added some fresh spinach, "guacamole" (some smashed avocado with salt and pepper), and cherry tomatoes on top.



Diane said...

I love turkey burgers! I'll have to try this one with the avocado :)

Unknown said...

Yes, avocado is key!

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