Thursday, June 7

Strawberry Picking

We're constantly trying to do fun new things with our son.  Fun for him and fun for us.  There's so much to do in the Philadelphia area, especially during the spring, summer and fall, so we're trying to find free weekends to experience fun things together.

We went strawberry picking at the beginning of June at a farm called Highland Orchards. My son loved to pick strawberries for about 15 minutes, and then he wanted to go back to the main farm area where there was a playground - makes sense!

Here are some tips for strawberry picking!
  • To find a farm near you that offers strawberry picking, or picking produce of any kind, go to and search in your area.
  • If you go to Highland Orchards to pick strawberries, you have to go to the main farm area first and get a "ticket" and box in which to put the strawberries.  I've been there before to pick apples, and I thought we'd be able to take a tractor ride to the fields. However, you have to then get back in your car and just drive to the fields.  We were a little disappointed that there was no tractor ride to the fields as my son would have loved it, but it worked out in the end!
  • There's a playground in the main farm area to go play on after you pick strawberries.  There are also some goats that you could feed corn through a fence (we didn't do this, but my son enjoyed seeing the goats).
  • Take a bottle of water for your child into the fields.  It's not far from your car, but my son still liked having some water for his 15 minute picking stint!
Here are some photos of our fun morning in the strawberry fields:

Daddy and son start the picking.

Little guy starts smelling the sweet strawberries....and has a little red nose afterwards!

Mama and little guy enjoying the sun.

Little guy helping Dada smell a strawberry.

Little guy tasting a sweet strawberry.

You can see the red nose in this one!

A beautiful scene.

Mama and little guy finding a strawberry.

Mama and baby-to-be in the strawberry field!!  One day from 27 weeks here.

Goats back at the farm area.

Dada and little guy on the see-saw.

On a big boy swing!


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