Sunday, March 11

Exciting News! Party of 5 Coming Soon.

I don't frequently share very personal information on social media. It's just my nature and I like to keep some personal things, well, personal. Yes, I have a blog, but the purpose of it is to share food allergy friendly and healthy  recipes and ideas, and also to connect with the "communities" that I'm interested in and feel like I can contribute to - like the food allergy, healthy living and parenting communities! I mean, this blog is all about a healthy balance of food, family and fun...with a food allergy twist, right?

But it's time to get personal. We have some exciting news!

We're soon going to be a PARTY OF 5! Baby #3 is due in a little over one week! 

We just took this very unplanned photo over the weekend when Grammy was visiting. It's certainly not perfect, but it's us! In all our messy house/just back from soccer/non-brushed hair glory :)

My black shirt makes it hard to see my very large baby bump, but it's definitely there!

party of 5 coming soon!

And since I've been answering pregnancy and baby questions in person for the past few months, I thought I'd answer a few burning questions here with my blogger friends too!

Do you know if it's a boy or girl?
No! We are doing it the old fashioned way this time. We found out gender with both Little Guy and Little Gal. This time we are keeping it a surprise for all, including us!

Do you have names picked out yet?
Yes! But we keep those to ourselves until baby is born! The kiddos don't even know yet!

How are you feeling?
The first trimester is the hardest for me since I feel so sick all the time. The rest of the pregnancy was fine, and mainly just tiring due to restless legs syndrome I tend to have during pregnancy. Otherwise, things have been going well until these last 2 weeks where I've had major right side back pain. I haven't had back pain before with my two previous babes. Hoping it will go away when baby is born!

Are you eating any differently with this pregnancy based on food allergy research?
I definitely try to rotate foods more often during pregnancy (i.e. - I eat peanut butter (at work since we don't keep it in the house), but I don't eat it every day during my whole pregnancy).

Will you give baby peanuts early on as the new research shows?
Yes, I will most likely give baby-to-be food allergens earlier on based on food allergy research. However, I'll first get baby skin tested at the allergist around 3 - 4 months to see "what we're dealing with" as the allergist says. We did it this way with Little Gal, so I'm hoping it works out well with the new baby too.

With Little Guy, I couldn't even give him certain allergens early on since he reacted to my breast milk after I ate peanuts and dairy products around 4 months. He would get full body hives after breastfeeding around this age. His pediatrician told me to change my laundry detergent. When he still kept getting hives I went to an allergist, and the rest is history. That's how we first found out Little Guy had multiple food allergies.

Are the kids excited?
YES! They are going to be a wonderful older siblings. Having a new baby in the house is going to be a learning curve for all of us, but I'm praying that we'll all be able to live peacefully and happily together and thoroughly enjoy each other!

We'd appreciate your prayers as we wait in anticipation for baby-to-be! I will update the blog and social media when baby is here!


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