Monday, June 2

Nut Free Snack Mix: A Healthy Summer Treat

Summer is ALMOST here, and boy have we been busy. When the warm weather hits, it means that I immediately want to:
  • Grill on the porch
  • Go to the pool
  • Go to the beach
  • Plan fun summer trips
  • Exercise/run outside
  • Eat outside
  • Go outside all the time
  • Did I say go outside?
Amazingly, I've accomplished most of these goals within the past few weeks, despite working inside 40 hours/week. We visited family at the beach over Memorial Day weekend (which explains my missed blog post - oops) and we got to enjoy the beginnings of true summer fun.

We got our toes sandy and picked shells on the beach. I biked a few miles to the beach with my cousin on a beautiful woodsy trail. We ate watermelon by the pool and soaked up the sun with family. I didn't want it to end!

Since summer means more travel, trips to the pool/beach and fun with family, it also means that I need more portable food allergy friendly snack ideas. You know, something you can throw in your bag and not worry about it.

I recently discovered the blessing of Gerbs Gourmet Seeds. Gerbs is a company all about Allergen Friendly Natural Foods. 

Just our style!

Gerbs' certainly fulfills a need for bulk nut-free snack foods and seeds. I can't buy from the bins at Whole Foods or other stores due to cross-contact risks. So, I've been ordering all my goodies from Gerbs instead. 

I threw together this BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS nut free snack mix with all my new goodies from Gerbs. 

I think I could even call it HEALTHY too if I make sure not to eat too much of it.

nut free trail mix

I used all of these ingredients to make my nut free snack mix.
healthy nut free snack mix

Well, there's really NO recipe. It's just a matter of including all your favorite healthy snacks together in one bowl. Mix and EAT!
nut free snack mix

I hope you enjoy this tasty, portable and easy summer treat. The best part about snack mix is that you can use any of your favorite ingredients to make a healthy treat.  

I'm posting this on the Real Food Recipe Round-up.

Enjoy the sunshine for those of you who have it! Here are the ingredients I used for this nut free snack mix!

Gerbs did not sponsor this post. I actually buy and use Gerbs on my own! This post does include Amazon affiliate links at no cost to you. 


Diane said...

This looks yummy Kathryn! I'm so glad you got to go to the beach and visit with your family, sounds perfect :)

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