Monday, June 24

Girls' Night Out: BYOB & Paint!

Last Friday I had a fun girls' night out experience at BYOB & Paint. A friend and I needed time to catch-up due to our busy lives. We decided to do something a little different rather than just go out to dinner. BYOB & Paint was SO much fun!

You may have another version of BYOB & Paint in your town. It's definitely a great trend that seems to be popping up all across America. I have to say, it was a fun and unique way to spend 2 hours...learning how to paint a picture with your own yummy snacks and wine. Nice.

While we waited for the class to begin, we uncorked the wine...

...and ate some great snacks. We brought along cheese and crackers, fruit and Dove chocolate. None of them were allergy-friendly for our family, but sometimes a mama needs a night out, ya know?

BYOB and paint also provided a small refrigerator full of soda and bottled water, and a place for your white wine to stay cool.

Here's the "before" photo.

Clean white canvases ready for master painters.

When we were just about ready to start, everyone received a plastic apron and a pretty palate of paint colors.

And we were ready to begin painting!

Our teacher, Ed, was a great instructor and no nonsense painter.  He of course made it look easy. He has some pretty amazing personal paintings you can find on his website.

Just for the fun of it, I tried to take photos of the different layers of our painting.  Here's the first layer - a pretty blue sky.

Here's my painting after adding a few wispy clouds with a hint of pink below to indicate sun.

Then we added water.

Then we painted a mountain and white caps in the water. 

The class actually moved pretty fast, so in order to keep up I had to stay in the swing of things without stopping to take photos!  We added grass, flowers and another little rock.  I actually liked my painting until we had to paint the house.  I'm a better drawer than painter I think!  Here it is floating in the water...HA...had to fix that.

Added more house details and a wall.

Then some more colored flowers, details and seagulls in the sky!

Here we are in front of everyone's paintings waiting for the paint to dry.

All masterpieces of course :)

There were a bunch of girls having girls' night out that night. Made for a fun and chatty environment!

Ta da! Completed works of art. The two hour class went SO fast and I wish we had more time to paint! I will definitely go back to paint again. 

Have you ever tried this fun BYOB and painting trend?  What did you paint (and eat and drink)!? 


Diane said...

I never heard of that...but it does look like a lot of fun and your painting is very good Kathryn! Glad you had your "girls night out"!!

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

Thanks Diane!

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