Monday, May 6

Longwood Gardens Fun

Spring has sprung and we're certainly in full-bloom here in Pennsylvania. The past two weekends have been just BEAUTIFUL with 70 degree weather every day.  We decided to take advantage of the beauty and visit Longwood Gardens.

This was the first amazing flower display we came upon. Rows and rows of beautiful tulips.

A sea of tulips is of course perfect for photos of beautiful babies too!  Here's Little Gal at 7 months.

Some of the flower displays even made you feel like you were in a different country...Tuscany, Italy maybe?

Longwood Gardens doesn't only have flowers. They also have FUN things to do for kids!  Like tree houses to explore:

Bridges to tromp over:

And FOUNTAINS to touch and play in.

And BOY did they have fountains! Outdoor, indoor, big, little and even interactive fountains that bubble up when you touch them!

There are even monsters to paint with water!

As with every trip away from home, we have to plan ahead for food although we'd love to have the freedom to go somewhere and see what we can find to eat!

Little Guy happily ate his Sunbutter sandwich outside by the fountain (although that may have been against the rules!).  I also packed baby carrots, apple slices, Glutino pretzels, Enjoy Life chewy bars, and Enjoy Life cookies as my "back-up" plan.  It's probably not the best habit to get into, but I sometimes use treats like cookies at the end of long day when it's difficult to get 3 year old Little Guy to get into the car or do anything without a fuss! 

If you have a chance to visit Longwood Gardens, here are my tips:
  • Get there when it opens. We arrived at 10am and it started to get really crowded when we were leaving around 1pm.
  • Don't expect to eat at the restaurant (especially with kids and kids with food allergies of course). Either way, there was a line out the door!
  • Go directly to the kids area. We ended up at the kids area halfway through our visit. We wish we had more time because there was so much to explore.
  • You do lots of walking so wear comfy shoes!
  • Take multiple vehicles for your children...stroller, baby carrier (like the one below!), and even a wagon (I saw one family use this for their two children).

Enjoy if you have the chance to visit the beautiful gardens!

Longwood Gardens did not pay me for this post. We actually went there for a fun day on our own!


Diane said...

Beautiful pictures Kathryn! Looks like you all had a fun day :)

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

Thanks Diane! We did!

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