Monday, April 1


We had a Super Easter, did you? 

No, I really mean it...we had a S-U-P-E-R-Easter. Little Guy got a Superman cape from the Easter bunny and it was a hit!

He ran around the house throughout the day in his cape while my husband played the Superman theme song. 

Beyond cute.

There's always so much build up about what to put in kids Easter baskets.  Candy? Religious items? Fruit? Toys? Books? I saw so many blog posts and articles about non-candy Easter baskets this year. It's a great idea, and especially great when your kid has food allergies and can't eat most of the traditional candy anyway. However, the Easter bunny still wanted to put a few goodies in there.

I actually wanted to try to make my own allergy-friendly candy this year, but I didn't have time.  So, what did the Easter bunny give Little Guy this year?

Well, the Easter bunny took the easy way out and gave little guy a mishmosh of things he knew he'd love. Basically, a bunch of fun stuff and a few bags of safe candy he always enjoys!

This photo is a little dark and blurry as it was taken by a very tired parent when it was dark outside :)

We also met family at Seasons52 for lunch to make it an easy dish-free day. I was encouraged to see "special menus" on Seasons52's website for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc. 

So how did it go?

1. I knew Seasons52 had a gluten free menu and had heard good things about allergy-friendly food in the past, so I suggested we go there from the start.

2. I called ahead and asked if they could accommodate Little Guy's allergies which they confirmed.

3. I looked online before we went, and I was happy to see the special menu options.I basically planned what I'd order for Little Guy beforehand, but kept my options open in case they couldn't accommodate him or had another food option.

4. I asked for the special menu when we sat down since I didn't see it at the table. I also gave the waitress our chef card to let her know about his allergies.

The experience and food were GREAT!  Little guy usually only gets chicken, steak or a beef hamburger with veggies (and I bring supplemental food). But this dinner was a little more diverse as he got a buffalo burger (which was very lean), roasted potatoes, carrots and asparagus. All were cooked to perfection for him so he loved all of it.

Here are some other photos of other food we ordered (non allergy friendly though). An awesome hummus appetizer....

My meal, shrimp pasta with veggies... 

 Scallops and pearl pasta...
It was a yummy meal, and I was happy we all had such a great experience.

When we got home we tried to have an Easter outfit photo session, but you can see how that turned out :)  Superman tried to save the day I can see his red cape!

Hope you had a SUPER Easter for those who celebrate it!

Happy April Fool's Day too. Hopefully no one will play a trick on me like my husband did for our Oscar Party :)


Carolyn said...

We did mostly toys and a few lollipops in the kids baskets this year. It makes it easier to keep it all safe with a food allergy child. Thanks for the info on Seasons 52! I've been there before but now I know a safe place to go with the family!

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

You're welcome! I don't like to say any restaurant in "safe" but at least Seasons52 is very aware of food allergies and has specialty menus. Let me know if you go Carrie!

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