Friday, June 1

Toddler Snack: Yummy allergy-friendly muffins

One of my favorite allergy-friendly cookbooks is Sophie Safe Cooking.  It was the first one I bought after I found out my son had food allergies at about 4 months old.  I was still nursing and needed to change MY diet to take out peanuts and dairy (the only two we knew about at that time).  I love the oat muffin recipe in this cookbook.  They're so tasty, don't have too much sugar in them (enough, but not TOO much like other muffins), and my son loves them - of course the most important detail!

Here are the muffins before cooking. 

Here they are right out of the oven.  I wish they would rise a little more, but I'm finding that's usual with some gluten free recipes.

I paired the muffin with some cantelope....

And a glass of soymilk (he drinks rice milk also):

A filling, well-balanced and yummy snack or breakfast!!


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