Saturday, June 2

Mexican Rice Snacks

Here's an idea for a yummy, healthy and allergy-friendly snack that toddlers, or anyone, would love.  Here's what you need for these Mexican rice snacks:
  • Rice cakes: any flavor or brand that you like. I use lightly salted.
  • Beans: any kind you prefer, I used cannellini
  • Avocado
  • Tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Spices: you could try cumin, chili powder or cayenne pepper  

I found these mini rice cakes at my local Giant, and my son loves munching on them as a snack.  They're also a great "delivery method" for other nutritious goodies piled right on top.

As a snack, I microwaved some white cannellini beans that I had previously cooked in a crockpot (I freeze them in small portions), and I added a bit of salt to give them some flavor.  For a little more of a kick, I'd also recommend adding some cumin, chili powder or even cayenne pepper.  I mashed them with a fork and spread them on top of the rice cakes.

I mashed up some fresh avocado with a fork and piled it right on top of the beans

Then I diced some fresh organic cherry tomatoes and plopped them on top of the avocado.

They were a yummy and healthy treat that my son really liked.  There's a nice mix of protein, healthy fat and carbs in this snack, and they're allergy-friendly!


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