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5 Healthy and Vegan School Lunches

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School lunches. Love them or dread them? For me, I love that I can pack healthy, whole food school lunches for my kids. Little Guy only eats food from home due to his food allergies. When I ask what other kids are buying at school (things like hot dogs, chips and ice cream), I'm honestly happy that he has healthier lunches every day. However, I wouldn't mind a break from packing lunch some days...even a break from THINKING about what to pack - which is sometimes the hardest part!

Since we all need a little inspiration from time to time, I thought I'd show you 5 ideas for how to use Hilary's Eat Well vegan and allergy-friendly products to pack healthy school lunches! Heck - these are so good that I even like to pack some of these lunches for myself for work!

These lunches are so easy peasy too. Just make sure you have all the veggies and fruits washed and food in the freezer, ready to pull out and pop in a lunchbox! Minimal reheating needed the morning of school.

5 Healthy and Vegan School Lunches

Breakfast for Lunch
Who doesn't love breakfast for lunch? (or any time of day!). It's pretty easy to pop pancakes out of your freezer, and warm up Hilary's vegan sausages the morning of school. Add some fresh fruit, and maple syrup and/or sunflower seed butter, and you have a great meal! You could even put the sausages and/or pancakes in a small thermos to keep them completely warm until lunch.

Well-Rounded Lunch
Protein, calcium, veggies...CHECK! I like to consider most lunches I pack for my kiddos well-rounded. However, this one certainly has a nice blend of all Little Guy's nutritional needs, and it's fun and filling at the same time. I heated up Hilary's Original Veggie Bites, along with Hilary's Traditional Herb Millet Medley and packed it in a thermos. Little Guy also has vitamin packed peppers, and calcium and protein packed soymilk and vegan cheese to round out the meal.

Dippy Lunch
Your kids probably like to dip food as much as mine do, right? Well, in line with our recent Dippy Dinner, I know my kids love dippy lunches too! I love giving them a variety of small, bite sized bites to fill up their bellies. Here I gave my son tortilla chips, peppers, carrots, sesame-free hummus and Hilary's Traditional Herb Millet Medley.

Pizza Lunch
Pizza, pizza, everywhere. I've become all too aware of the amount of pizza students (and humans in general) eat since Little Guy was diagnosed with his dairy allergy. Pizza is just EVERYWHERE! Birthday parties, every Friday for school lunch, social events, etc. I pack pizza for Little Guy every Friday to make sure he feels included with the pizza day lunch theme. Thankfully he happily eats it cold, so it makes it easy for me to just to pop out of the freezer the night before.

For this pizza I crumbled some cooked Hilary's Spicy Veggie Sausage on top (it's really not too spicy for kids - it has just enough spice in it!). I also included Hilary's Ranch Chia dressing as a dip for his veggies. Plus, I added my own trail mix that I threw together from pumpkin seeds, raisins and chocolate chips - all nut and dairy free!

Hearty Burger Lunch - 2 ways
Who doesn't love a good burger for lunch? Hilary's has a bunch of great veggie burger flavors, but I especially like this Black Rice Burger  I packed with some vegan cheese, fruit, and a small salad with Hilary's Balsamic Thyme Dressing on the side.

I like to cut the burger in half and put it in a thermos, so that you can eat it by itself, or even put the two burger pieces on a bun (gluten free or not, whatever you choose or need!).

So what are some of your favorite lunch ideas? Believe me, we all need new ideas from time to time to make sure we keep lunch fun, interesting and easy. So, please share you favorites!

This is the third and final post about Hilary's awesome products. You can read more about our dippy dinner here and our vegan stuffing stuffed peppers recipe here if you missed these posts. 

I hope you try Hilary's products if you haven't already! They have become a staple in our house!

Here's a pinnable image - save these ideas for later!

I only work with companies that I support and use in our own family. I hope you enjoy hearing about new allergy-friendly products and finds like this!


Diane said...

This looks great Kathryn! I'm sure little guy loves his lunches 💖

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

Thanks so much Diane. Yes, I ask him about every day how he liked his lunch, and I always get a positive response! I also ask him if he's tired of certain things, just to make sure he's happy with them. It's so important to me that he's satisfied and well-fed since he can't buy lunch at school :)

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