Thursday, June 9

Big Recall Due to Peanut Residue: Stay Aware

You've heard about the big recall of certain foods due to peanut residue right?  Did you hear that the recall keeps expanding to more products? The AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) asked me to share a press release today about the recent FDA advisory recommending people with peanut allergies avoid the affected products. Here are the key points of the press release:

AAFA’s Kids With Food Allergies blog (KFA) highlights the full list of recalled products. The FDA said it is looking into the origin and extent of what it called "low levels" of peanut residue in the flour.

The product recalls linked to Grain Craft at this time are:

 Cinnabon Stix

 Safeway 8" Single Layer Red Velvet Cake

 ACME 12” Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie

 Jewel 12” Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie

 Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chunk Cookies

 Hostess Snack Cakes and Donuts

Rold Gold Select Varieties of Pretzels** 

(**Mamacado note - notice the Rold Gold recall as it was announced AFTER the first recall notice! I just checked a package in my cabinet the other day, but it was not affected. Here is how you can check your own packages.)

The company named in the advisory, Grain Craft, has recalled the flour. Grain Craft sells to the baking and food service industries and not to consumers. It says it is the largest independent flour miller in the U.S.

The FDA said it will continue to check to see if other companies may be using this flour.

What Happened?

 On April 26, Grain Craft told the FDA that “sampling by a customer” found peanut residue in cookies.

 Grain Craft confirmed the residue with its own testing.

 The FDA performed its own analysis, confirming the problem.

 Grain Craft traced the affected flour to wheat grown in agricultural areas that also grow peanuts.

 Grain Craft stopped making and distributing the affected flour on April 30.

 FDA analysis performed later did not “show the presence of peanut protein.”

Two reports of severe allergic reactions in children are connected to the investigation.  So, please stay aware and safe and double check everything!


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